About us

Prof. Dr. Jan Millemann, the founder of Research Rebels, had a difficult start in his academic journey. School was particularly challenging for him, as he struggled to grasp the essential processes and mechanisms to learn effectively. It wasn't a path he chose to leave; instead, his teachers, noticing that he wasn't fitting well with the traditional educational approach, recommended that he leave school at age 15. This pivotal moment, though not a personal choice, led Jan to start an apprenticeship, where he began to excel. In this new setting, he came to understand the importance of clear structures and processes, insights that would later become fundamental to his educational and professional achievements.

After re-entering formal education with a renewed perspective, Jan excelled in high school, standing out for his high grades.His academic journey was complemented by part-time work, providing a practical backdrop to his theoretical studies during his bachelor's and master's degrees. Jan's educational path was not just confined to his home country; his quest for knowledge led him to various international destinations. He spent time in Scotland, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United States, significantly enriching his academic and cultural experiences.

Throughout his studies, especially while working on hisbachelor and master theses, Jan continually honed his processes and methodologies, evolving strategies to efficiently manage his academic responsibilities. This adaptable and structured approach culminated in him completing his PhD in Business Administration at a German university. His distinguished academic record led to his appointment as an assistant professor at a Dutch university and later as a professor at a Germanuniversity of applied sciences.

In his role as an academic mentor, Prof. Jan observed a significant and recurring issue among the many bachelor's and master's theses he supervised. He saw thatstudents, despite their potential and eagerness, often grappled with uncertainty and anxiety, not because of a lack of ability or motivation, butdue to insufficient preparation and guidance for thesis writing. This was not a failure on the students' part; rather, it highlighted a systemic gap in the educational process.

Understanding the profound impact of this uncertainty on students, Prof. Jan was driven to devise and share clear, easy-to-understand structures and methods. He realized that the key to transforming thesis writing from a source of stress to a rewarding journey lay in providing a solid, reliable framework. This approach would not only guide students through the process but also alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty that often accompanied thesis writing.

With this vision, Prof. Jan founded Research Rebels; a platform dedicated to empowering students with the knowledge and confidence they need to excel, turning the daunting task of thesis writing into a manageable, and even enjoyable, experience.