Thesis Dialogue Blueprint

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When it comes to preparing for supervisor meetings, the Supervisor Connector is your ideal companion. It addresses the common pain point of uncertainty and anxiety that many students experience. This invaluable resource offers a step-by-step guide that ensures you're well-prepared for your meetings with your supervisor. With the Supervisor Connector, you'll navigate the transition from thesis preparation to successful supervisory meetings with confidence. Say goodbye to the anxiety that often accompanies these interactions and hello to productive, well-prepared meetings.

    Details & Benefits

    ✅ Smooth Transition: Effortlessly transition from thesis work to effective supervisory meetings with a structured plan and clear, manageable steps. Leave behind the fear and uncertainty that often accompanies these meetings.

    ✅ Effective Preparation: The Supervisor Connector equips you with rigorous preparation techniques, ensuring you're well-prepared to meet your supervisor's expectations with confidence.

    ✅ Understanding from Both Sides: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your supervisor's perspective, forging a stronger connection and enhancing the value of your interactions.

    ✅ Logic and Clarity: This guide is meticulously structured, offering a logical roadmap for navigating this essential phase of your academic journey. You'll not only be well-prepared but also have a deep understanding of how to make the most of every meeting with your supervisor.

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    As our founder Prof. Jan realised that all of the questions he received from students typically were very similar. He decided to collect all of the questions and patterns he noticed. From years of experience, he was then able to finally create a collection that contains every piece of advice he had previously given to his own students, written in everyday language and in an orderly manner.

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